UPDATED: 21/03/2022

Hey there! Thank you for being interested in my commissions! Here you can find my Terms of Service. If you’d like any additional information or have any questions, feel free to e-mail me: contact@muttasaur.com.

• “MUTTASAUR TOS” are subject to change at anytime. Updates are posted when this occurs. Please read over the following if considering a commission:

• If you pay for my services it is assumed you read and agree to the following terms.

• The Artist, ‘I’, 'Me', 'Us', 'We', or The Seller refers to the one selling the product or service

• The Client, 'You', or The Customer refers to the one purchasing the product or service


  • Commission openings will be announced via social media, e-mail, and update channels.
  • Check our Price Guide to get an estimate on your commission quote.
  • If you would like an exact quote before applying for a commission, Contact Us.
  • You are expected to have read my Terms of Service before applying for a commission.
  • To apply for a commission, follow the link provided with the opening announcement and fill out our Commission Form with the correct information.

You are required to have the following to apply for a commission:

  • A visual reference of your character, alter-ego, pet or animal (must show all required details, markings and colours clearly).
  • A Paypal account or Australian bank account.
  • Your commission idea ready and written out clearly. (Artistic freedom excepted.)

If your commission does not meet requirements in the following ways:

  • You cannot provide a clear visual reference.
  • You do not pay for your commission within 48 hrs of receiving your invoice.
  • Your commission idea is too difficult to understand or presents a subject I'm uncomfortable with.

Your commission may be rejected. If worried you may not meet the requirements please speak to us before applying.


By placing an order with “MUTTASAUR” the client agrees that they are of the age of 18 years or older. The client must be 18+ years or older at the time of placing the order. I do not work with clients under 18 as we provide some images / merchandise that are of adult content and nature. No acceptions.


Wait times for commissions are around 1-6 months. This may vary due to the size of the commission and if a due date has been requested. Updates are always posted on my trello and twitter. I keep track using google calendar. If you’d like to know when your commission will be completed, please contact me.


By submitting a form through google, you agree to the quoted price (via invoice) and will be sent an invoice to your paypal within 48 hours. If you fail to pay the invoice by the due date, your commission will be terminated and the form will be deleted (Unless stated otherwise by the artist) You may attempt to re-submit a form and try again.


Payment will be made up front and in full before I start work on the commission. I will not accept half and half. I do not take payment plans on commissions UNDER $800.00 AUD

If your order quote is ABOVE $800.00 AUD, you may request a payment plan etc. Usually half is paid upfront to secure your slot and the second payment by an agreed upon due date within 1-2 weeks. You may also request to pay in 1,2,3 or 4 parts. You MUST pay your first part payment on application to secure your slot.

Prices and quotes may vary due to character complexity or ideas. Characters with wings will have an added charge to their quote depending on complexity (E.G. Wings with feathers and multiple colors will include an additional charge). Please consult the artist for a quote/price before filling out the form if you are unsure. Complex commissions may be discussed via e-mail, telegram, etc.


Acceptable payment methods are paypal, or bank transfer for Australians only. I DO NOT accept mail order, money order, or mailed checks. Online orders are paid in AUD (Australian Dollar). Conventions and in-person business transactions may differ.


Refunds on Digital Items: If I terminate a commission for any reasons you will receive a full refund. Any contract made will be void and the project considered cancelled. Refunds are issued within 90 days of issue. If a commission is going to be delayed by the fault of the artist, partial refunds or termination can be discussed on a case-to-case basis. If a commission is terminated at any time by the client, I will refund for the work not completed. This will usually be a partial refund unless absolutely no work has started. Example: You paid $20 for a commission. I complete the sketch (¼ of the commission process). The next day you decide to terminate the commission. Your refund will be $15 since ¼ of the project was completed.

Refunds on Merchandise:
Full refunds will be applied to your account if:
1) The item arrives damaged* and you opt to return it
2) You decide to cancel your order before the item is shipped
3) If the seller cancels the order for any reason

- Items that are mailed and returned to sender (false address) will be charged a second shipping fee and be contacted to correct their address information.

*(Photo proof of unused item required within 3 business days from delivery. Definition of damage is at the discretion of the seller and only applies to damage during shipping or production. All orders that are being returned will be refunded once a valid tracking # is provided and tracked through at least 1 location.)


SHIPPING: It's very rare that I need to ship commissions as my art is mostly digital. If I do offer traditional or printed media shipping will depend on the size and amount being shipped. I will usually factor this into the price of the image. If you decide to arrange a print or shipment of your order after it is completed or during the process of completion, a shipping charge will be applied to your order.

SHIPPING PRICES: These vary based on country, method of shipping, amount of protection you want, etc. Done on case-to-case basis.


If you request “Artistic Freedom” or “Free Reign” or any other meaning similar to those phrase etc, this leaves the image up to the artist on concept, design, and style. You will receive a sketch WIP for approval and have 3 changes for that sketch. You will not receive any other form of WIP’s such as color, lines final renders etc. You may request a key word, theme, or phrase to lead me in the right direction. You leave your image in the hands of the artist.


WIP / Work In Progress Shots: This depends on the type of commission.

Progress shots must be requested for sketches or smaller work such as badges. If not requested the artwork will be completed and delivered with no client input. At this point, only large mistakes (such as markings or large character flaws) will be noted at the delivery and addressed case-to-case. Requesting progress shots will not initially increase the price of the commission.

For larger orders you will receive WIP including sketch, lines, color, and final renders. Please be precise with what you would like changed. It makes it even easier if your description of your commission is to the point and understandable.

Additional Charges for Changes:
Sketch: One entire redraw of the sketch will be done for free. Additional re-drawings of the sketch will incur a $50 fee per sketch.

A total of 3 minor changes may be made once the commission is complete (ex: You find an error, I change it and send it back, you find another error, I change it; this would count as two changes). If you require more than 3 changes to a final product, this will incur an additional charge, discussed with the client case-by-case, for my time and the changes requested.


ARTIST LEGAL USAGE RIGHTS: I retain the full copyright to the image(s) created unless otherwise specified in a signed contract. I retain the right to post images digitally and hold all reproduction rights.. I may use images in my own publications offline; for example: sell prints of any images I create.

CLIENT USAGE RIGHTS: You have the right to distribute the artwork I produce for you in digital form for non-profit personal use only unless directed otherwise in our correspondence. You are not allowed to use it for commercial purposes (ex: logos, layouts, print sales, stickers, generally anything you can sell). If you wish to use my artwork for commercial reasons, you will need to purchase the rights from me for an additional fee. If you wish to purchase these rights feel free to contact me and we can work out a price.

Note: If you contact me for a professional project (Film, Advertisement, Book Illustrations, etc) including full use rights to my artwork please keep in mind I charge professional prices for those jobs. For an example of these types of prices please make note of this usage calculator: http://www.gettyimages.com.au/purchase/price-calculator/sb10069475ab-001

to calculate the rights of the image (which exclude labor costs) Please do not contact me for professional rights-included work if you are not familiar with these rates.


Things I will not draw: 
• Hate artwork, anything involving nazis, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.
• Hard vore/digestion (I’ve drawn it before, but I'd no longer like to draw these specific themes, implied digestion is okay where the belly goes smooth, but I don't want to draw the details) 
• Non - horror/zombie/halloween themed gore/Stomping/Crushing artwork. I’ll draw it if its like proper Halloween/horror themed stuff but if its just too much for me, I’ll decline, sorry!
• Anything involving urination or scat.
• Anything involving blood coming from genitals or the anus.
• Anything involving vomit.
• Anything involving underage characters in NSFW/suggestive content.
• Anything involving straight up rape (unwilling is a very grey area, so discuss this with me to make sure)


HARDWARE / SOFTWARE AGREEMENT: MUTTASAUR LIVE2D Vtuber Models require additional hardware and software for running your model / streaming. You will need the following for your model to function correctly. We DO NOT provide the following as apart of your commission. The client agrees they are responsible for the additional hardware / software required for LIVE2D Vtuber Models.

  • A Computer / PC running Windows or MacOS
  • An HD Webcam (a resolution of 1280x720 or above is recommended) and/or a smartphone device with ARCore (from Google, on Android) or ARKit (from Apple, on iOS). (See VTUBE STUDIO SUPPORTED DEVICES)
  • VTube Studio. To run VTube Studio, you need to download the smartphone app (Android or iOS) and/or the desktop app on Steam (Windows or macOS). If you only want to use your webcam, you don’t need the smartphone app.
  • OBS / Open Broadcaster Software. Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. https://obsproject.com/
  • A Keyboard or Hotkey compatible device. (Streamdeck, etc)



• WebCams 

▪ Any webcam will do, better picture quality means better tracking. Generally, a resolution of 1280x720 or above is recommended for good eye- and blink-tracking. Framerates between 15-30 FPS. We recommend the Logitec C922 Pro HD Streaming webcam.

• Android

▪ Any device that supports ARCore should work.

▪ Some devices may not work despite ARCore being supported. When this happens, the camera preview will show a blue rectangle. You can try manually downgrading to older versions of ARCore and see if that helps, otherwise you’ll have to wait until Google fixes support for your device in future versions.

• iOS

▪ Any iPhone or iPad that has FaceID.

▪ iPhone X, XR, XS (regular and Max)

▪ iPhone 11, 12 or newer (regular, Pro and Pro Max),

▪ iPad Pro (3rd, 4th+ generation)

▪ Also supported: devices without FaceID but with the Apple A12 (or newer) Bionic Chip.

▪ iPhone SE 2020 ▪ iPad (8th generation) 1.5



LIVE2D Model artwork work in progress (WIP) approvals are the same as illustrations / art commissions. You will receive a sketch, flat color, and final render WIP to be approved on before work is continued. Revisions / changes TOS apply to LIVE2D Vtuber Model artwork. (see REVISIONS / CHANGES TO YOUR ORDER)



LIVE2D VTuber Model commissions will receive the following rigging WIPS which will need approval before continuing to the next WIP stage. Once approved, additional requested changes will incur a fee to change your models rigging.

  • CHARACTER WIP: X, Y, Z, Eyes, Mouth, Eyebrows, Body, Standard facial tracking model movements
  • EXPRESSION WIP: 3 included or additional purchased expressions added to your model. Examples: blush, angry, sad, stars, etc
  • OUTFITS WIP: (If additional model outfits are purchased) Additional purchased outfits added to your model. These can be flat or animated. Examples: T-shirt, tanktop, bikini, pirate, cowboy, etc



Once your model is completed and approved, We will provide the following files and services for the handover of your Vtuber Model.

  • Welcome PDF / Setup Guide
  • Your VTuber Models Files (.moc3, .json, texture atlas,)
  • 48 Hour Client Support / Set-Up (VTubeStudio, OBS, Files etc)

Once the handover is complete, (including the 48 hour support period), no additional changes / revisions / setup support will be provided. 

 Need some help setting up your new model?