Are you open for commissions?

Check our social media and update channels for openings and available slots!

Do you take requests or Art Trades?

No not at this current time.

How long will it take to receive my commission?

Check out our Trello board for regular updates on the commission queue and updates regarding custom orders. Wait time are around 1-6 months.This may vary due to the size of the commission and if a due-date has been requested.

I can't afford a commission - Do you take payment plans?

Sadly our commissions require payment upfront. If your order quote is over $1000.00 AUD, we do provide short term payment plans for larger orders. Paid in 1,2,3, or 4 parts.

I would like a commission but your site says you're not open. Can I still commission you?

We do not take commissions outside of our opening day each month. We schedule our entire month (we work full time on art!) when we do our commission opening, and do not have any free days for taking commissions outside of those taken during our openings.

Are commission slots guaranteed once I've filled out the form? 

No, slots are not guaranteed and are not processed as first come, first served. We choose commissions after receiving the applications. We receive a large amount of applications each month and generally can only accept a select few of applications received. 

Why was my commission form/application rejected?

The majority of rejections are due to the limits of our schedule and the amount of applications received. Other common reasons for rejections include missing information in the application, unusable reference images and topics or themes prohibited by our ToS. If you'd like to know why the application was rejected, please reach out to us.

How do you choose commissions? 

We choose commissions based on a number of different criteria, most of which center around clarity and completeness of applications. Things we consider when selecting applications:

  • Whether the form has been fully filled-out (this is very important!)
  • How clear and detailed descriptions and reference images are
  • Any themes or topics prohibited by our ToS
  • How many times the client has applied in the past
  • How well the theme/idea matches our style
  • How many different applications we have received for different commission types
  • Past experience working with the client.

We understand that English is not the first language of many commissioners and do our best to work around any grammar or spelling issues, and do not treat such issues as a negative when selecting commissions. If you believe there may be a language barrier issue when applying, please reach out to us

Can I re-post / upload your artwork?

If it's a commission you've paid for you can use it for any non-profit purpose without editing the image which includes uploading it to your galleries with artistic credit. If the character in the image belongs to you it can also be used for non-profit purposes. However if you don't own anything in the image and did not commission it you are not, under any circumstances, allowed to use or re-post artwork to any website.

Have you studied / gone to school for Art?

MUTTASAUR has attended the design centre, Enmore, and has completed a Diploma of Interactive Digital Media / Design and a Cert III in Graphic Design.

What tools do you use to create your digital art?

We work mainly in Clip Studio Paint and PhotoShop CC on a Wacom Cintiq. We also use the iPad Pro equivalents of CSP and PS for on-the-go works.

A coupon doesn't work / product page is broken etc.

Oops! Contact us about it and I'll see what's gone wrong.


If you're interested in wholesaling MUTTASAUR products for your own shop, contact us. Be aware that there are minimum orders involved to qualify for wholesale.